Anjelica Bannos Artistry


When entering any partnership, it is SO important to have open lines of communication and make it a collaborative experience. 

As much as I’d like to have mind-reading capabilities, I do not, so be open and let’s make creating together fun! I know the planning process may seem overwhelming at times, but luckily I’ve been in your shoes as a bride and on the other side of it working hundreds of weddings, so I’ve got you covered. My approach is to bring positive energy while radiating a calming effect to each person I work with. I’m typically one of the first people you see on your wedding day, so setting a positive tone for the day is extremely important. There’s always an Aunt Blanche that knows how to send your nerves through the roof so knowing when to guide you through a deep breath or signal a bridesmaid with a wink to distract, I’m there. My approach is to highlight your natural beauty by complimenting your features and not masking them. Creating a makeup look that suits you is key, however so is facilitating schedules and being one step ahead to maintain a great rhythm to carry you throughout your day.
Lets schedule a time to connect and get this party started!